ITish Digital Cards Tap-enabled Digital Business Cards.
Inspire Your Clients, Digitally!

A business card is an integral part of a brand’s identity as it is one of the first tangible aspects that stays with customers. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to choosing traditional business cards.

However, in today’s digital-first and post-pandemic world, it is time to upgrade traditional business cards to something more safe, engaging, and effective!


Welcome to the future of business networking with ITish Cards

Introducing the agile tap-enabled digital cards that will revolutionize the way you connect and engage with others. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional printed business cards and embrace the power of technology at your fingertips.

ITish Cards is a modern and safe way to share vital information about an individual, freelancer, startup, or business. These details may include a name, address, phone number, website, photo, location, user bio, social media links, and much more. Summarize all these details with ease in one personalized and customized ITish Card and make your first impression outstanding!


It all starts with a digital business card, especially when it’s an ITish Card!

ITish Card is a digital tap-enabled business card, an easy way to share your contact and grow your professional relationships.

How does it work?

    1. Select a design
    2. Fill in your profile
    3. Send it over

      It is that simple! You will receive your customized and personalized ITish Card within three business days.

ITish Cards Features

Tap-able Social Media Links

Mention links to your social media presence, and individually grow your personal network for business catch the leads and gather them on your social media channels to keep them updated with marketing campaigns and announcements. Stay connected with your customers.

Google Maps Integration

You can add a pin location to your business location in google maps. The prospects can easily find you and increase in-person customers’ footfall to your business.

Tap-able Contact details

With one click/tap your prospects can make a phone call to you, send you an email, visit your website, etc. Engage them intuitively. Active, quicker, and convenient actions may lead to a higher sales conversion rate.

Best for Businesses & Services Listing

You can list your services with explanation content and direct them to a URL for more details. This helps you for a high chance to convert your prospects into business leads or clients.

Profile Photo

You can add a profile photo to increase recognition and make an impact in your networking, building up trust and credibility.

Calendar / Appointments

Add a call-to-action button to quickly add a meeting invite through the Google calendar, with your custom meeting link and meeting agenda description. 

Modern & Clean UI Design

We crafted all designs professionally. Keeping the mobile aspect ratios, readability, etc

WhatsApp Enabled

You can enable WhatsApp Chat Feature on your business card. This tap-enabled digital card is primarily focused to be easily sharable and viewable on WhatsApp.

Embrace the Power of ITish Cards Unlock Your Networking Potential

Tap-Enabled Technology

The tap-enabled feature of ITish Cards allows recipients to conveniently access all your essential details with a simple tap on their mobile phone or a click on their system. Recipients can tap on social links to visit and connect with you on various platforms, initiate WhatsApp chats with a single tap, add your vCard as a contact, view your address location on a map, make a call, write an email, visit your website etc.

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Business Growth

ITish Cards empower your business by enhancing your visibility and accessibility. By providing a seamless way for potential clients to contact you or book appointments, you can increase lead generation, conversions, and ultimately, business growth.

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Seamless Sharing

With ITish Cards, sharing your contact information is as easy as sending a file over WhatsApp. No more fumbling with physical cards or relying on outdated methods. Simply tap and share your digital business card effortlessly. Expand your network and foster meaningful connections beyond the constraints of physical boundaries.

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Visual Appeal

Stand out from the crowd with ITish Cards that can carry digital images, including your profile picture and business logo. Leave a lasting visual impression that will make you memorable among your peers and potential clients and stand out from competitors still using traditional methods.

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Order Now And Take The First Step Toward A Brighter Future Of Networking And Connectivity.
With ITish Cards, The Possibilities Are Endless, And Success Is Just A Tap Away!

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